Era of Success for Pakistan- A series of Success

In the era of success for Pakistan it has been heard that the rulers of Saudi Arabia were active in expelling Pakistani workers. Saudi Arabia was also active in withdrawing its 3 billion dollars which Pakistan almost returned. Era of Success for Pakistan, a series of Success for Pakistan it is going to be. At that time Saudi ruler Muhammad Bin Salman had good relations with former US President Trumps as well as with India and Israel.

For the first time  in  the history, an Indian army chief visited Saudi Arabia on December 14-13,2020. All this Pakistan at the same time, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu had a secret meeting with Saudi Prince Mohammad Bin Salman. The United States and Saudi Arabia also signed multibillion-dollar defense deals. Ever since Imran khan’s government in Pakistan, Pakistan also wanted to assemble a meeting of foreign ministers of OIC member. So, that address a joint statement on Kashmir. Due to India and Israel,  Saudi Arabia did not conduct a single meeting.

Muhammad Bin Salman made many blunders and allegations. During his visit to the government and one of these was Jamal Khushdagi. Muhammad Bin Salman says that he was a prominent Saudi Journalist and columnist. when he went to Saudi  embassy to prepare his papers, he was assassinated in Turkey at the age of 59 due to differences with him on October 2, 2018. At that time the case was dropped because of the good relations between Trump and Muhammad Bin Salman. Jamal Khashoggi also had American citizenship and wanted to marry an American woman.

When the Biden administration came to the United States, it  reopened the case of Jamal Khushdagi and put Muhammad Bin Salman in trouble. They allowed the assassination’s but, Muhammad Bin Salman called that Biden’s report a lie. Billions of dollars worth of agreements between Saudi Arabia and the united states are in danger.ZTBL preparation

Once again, Saudi Arabia began to look to Pakistan. Era of Success for Pakistan is A series of Success going to be for this country. Pakistan has also made a statement on the issue of Jamal Khushdagi, that the Saudi government not only investigated the criminals but also punished them.

At the same time, Saudi Arabia has fulfilled all the requirements of justice. He also said that Pakistan expresses solidarity with Saudi Arabia in this regard. Now Saudi Arabia wants Pakistan to include in the block of China and Russia. There are Arab countries who want to come back to Pakistan and Insha’Allah Pakistan will decide their future with success. Pakistan will soon join the developed countries.

Long Live Pakistan -Long Live the Pak-Army.

Digital marketing and its importance


Digital marketing is way for marketing. Its all about marketing products and services with the help of technology, over the internet. Furthermore, it includes managing different forms of online companies presence. For example, company websites, mobile apps and social media pages. As we know that, modern generation doesn’t want to go to any shop to buy anything. Digital marketing and its importance can be seen that people want to buy everything online. Meanwhile, various companies always try to stay connected with their customers with the help of internet.

“Digital marketing is the name of achieving marketing objectives”

There are different types of digital marketing such as,

  1. SEM( Search Engine Marketing)
  2. SEO(Search Engine Optimization)
  3. SMM( Social Media Marketing)
  4. PCC(Pay-Per-Click)
  5. Content marketing
  6. Email marketing
  7. Radio advertising
  8. Viral marketing
  9. Television advertising
  10. Mobile advertising

Marketing today is about many types of audience interaction than websites or emails. It involves managing 5d’s of digital marketing which defines the opportunities for consumers to interact with different businesses to reach and learn from the people in different ways. These 5d’s are as follow;


  • Devices
  • Platforms
  • Media
  • Technology
  • Data

Importance of digital marketing

As we know that digital marketing is offering huge gain of benefits. In this paragraph, we will get to know its importance. It is a way of direct communication and interaction with people than webs or mails. Its a good way of promotion of businesses now a days. The importance of digital marketing is that you can track your campaigns. As you invest a lot of time and money over this. Digital marketing makes it easy to track the campaign to adopt better results. On the other hand, it is the leading way to foster a business and will remain as the most powerful way of marketing in the future. Moreover, it is the most rapidly growing and  evolving career.

                         Advantages of digital  marketing

  • Digital  marketing can save you a lot of money.
  •  Increases brand awareness and reach your target customers.
  • Enables real time customs services.
  • Provides significant analysis of customer’s behavior and engagement .
  • It is more engaging and cost effective, wider in reach, targeted and easy to measure and adjust .
  • personalization.
  • open new markets.
  • social currency.
  • Maintenance cost because of constantly evolving environment.
  • conversion rates.
  • measurable results.
  • global reaching.

Disadvantages of digital marketing

  • One of its advantage is this,  its time consuming.
  • There is a high competition in this marketing.
  • There could be some privacy and security issues.
  • Dependability on technology.
  • Work overload.
  • Overreliance on gadgets.
  • Change of rules.
  • Lack of  trust.
  • DM manipulation.
  • Risk of hacking strategies.
  • Limitations of internet access.
  • Limited product advertisement.

Digital marketing is a dream business project for digital marketers. if u want to get success in the digital marketplace, you should have sound knowledge about its benefits and limitation.  it is a growing field of business. Digital marketing is nothing, yet utilization of technology. It require certain skills. If  u have the knowledge regarding this, do not neglect the opportunity which digital marketing offers to you. It may fulfill all your cherished dreams within  the short span of your life, and a platform where anybody can make his/her career without much effort. You just need to keep patience to get your desired goals.
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Benefits of Exercise On Mental Health

Exercise is not just about consuming oxygen limit and muscle size. Indeed, exercise can improve your actual wellbeing and your physical makeup, trim your waistline, improve your sexual coexistence. There are many benefits of exercise on mental health.

Along with that it also add more time to your life. Yet, that is not what persuades the vast majority to remain dynamic. Individuals  who practice consistently will in general do so on the grounds that it gives them a colossal feeling of prosperity . They feel more enthusiastic for the duration of the day, rest better around evening time. Furthermore, its likewise an incredible medication for some basic  emotional wellbeing difficulties .

Regular exercise can have positive impact on depression ,anxiety etc, it also improves memory, relieves stress and provide a better sleep and more:

Exercise and depression .

As we know stress is a response to a threat in any given situation. Exercise is a powerful depression fighter for several reasons . Most importantly, it advances a wide range of changes in mind, including neural development, decreased irritation and advances sensation of quiet and prosperity. It delivers amazing synthetic compounds in your cerebrum that stimulate your spirits and cause you to feel better. At long last, exercise can also serve as a distraction, allowing you to free-up some time to breakout the cycle of negative thoughts that feed depression.

Exercise and Anxiety.

Anxiety is a sustained mental health disorder, that doesn’t fade into to the distance. Exercise is a natural and effective anti-anxiety treatment. It eases tension and stress, supports physical and mental energy and upgrades prosperity through the arrival of endorphins.

Mental health benefits of Exercise.

Sharper memory and thinking. constant endorphins that make you feel better also help you concentrate and feel mentally sharp for tasks at hand. Exercise also stimulates the new brain cells and helps prevent age related decline .
Better sleep. Short bursts of exercise within the morning or afternoon will regulate your sleep patterns. If u prefer exercise at night that will promote sleep.
More energy .Start off with just a few minutes of exercise a day , it will increase your heart-rate and will give you more get-up-and-go.

Higher self-esteem. Regular activity is basically an investment in your body, mind and soul . When daily exercise becomes habit, so it fasters the sense of self worth and make you feel strong and powerful . By meeting even small exercise. Goals, you’ll feel a sense of achievement .

Reduce stress. One of the most common benefit of exercise is stress relief. working up a sweat can help manage physical and mental stress because it increases concentration of norepinephrine that can moderate the brain’s response to stress.

Help control addiction .On the other side, exercise can help in addiction recovery as it can help in reboot the body clock.

Exercises for mental health.

There are few Aerobic exercises which  are proved to reduce anxiety and depression  including ,

  1. Running
  2. Boxing
  3. Yoga
  4. Swimming
  5. Walking
  6. Workout
  7. Biking or cycling etc.

Along with that if you have busy schedule and you can’t even manage half an hour for exercise or if you don’t want to spend hours in the gym for so long monotonous workouts’ so there are also some tips that can help you find activities ,you enjoy and start to feel better, look better and get more out of life.

  • Move in and around your home
  • Get active with the family
  • Get creative with exercise ideas
  • Evening walk, fun with children
  • Music & games

Inshort, physical activity and mental health are proportionally related to each other and it leaves a positive influence on the education of the youth. Regular physical activity improves the mental status as well as the academic performance among the students.



OTS past solved paper OG-3 Officer 2018 (ZTBL) Part-2

OTS past solved paper OG-3 Officer 2018 (ZTBL) part-2

cairo capital of egypt
Capital of Egypt (Cairo)

16- Which is not a method of privatization ? (Sales of business)

17- Banking ombudsman may reject the complaint ? )At any stage)

18- Which is not a restrictive trade practice ? (Manipulation of price)

19- The most important reason for an investor for bank deposit is ? (Credit worthiness of bank)

20- Which is not an instrument to control credit system in banks ? (Tax ratio)

21- Commercial banks can not perform one function ? (Issuance of currency notes)

22- Company images and brand equity is a factor affecting business ? (Externally)

23- What is meant by retail banking ? (Providing personal banking services directly to the customers)

24- ______ is an economic system based on the principal of free enterprise ? (Capitalism)

25- Which needs comes last in Maslow’s need hierarchy ? (Self-actualization)

26- Maturity period of treasury bill is ? (91 or 361 days)

27- Which one is not marketable security ? (Bank deposit)

28- Cairo is a capital of which country ? (Egypt)

29- APNS stands for ? (All Pakistan newspaper society)

30- Largest city of Turkey ? (Istanbul)

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Past Paper OG-3 Officer (ZTBL) Solved


OTS past solved paper OG-3 Officer 2018 (ZTBL)

1- Which is the main source of agriculture credit ?  (ZTBL)

2- Olericulture is the study leading with ? (Vegetables Production)

3- Afforestation means ? (To convert land into forest)

4- Contribution of agriculture in GDP ? (25.6%)

5- Agriculture Extension related to ? (Educating the farmers)

6- Banana fruit classified in the category of ? (Berry)

7- Which type of credit is advanced in agriculture sector ? (Semi-agricultural credit)

8- Older the rice ? (Worse in the price)

9- Super Basmati is a type of ? (Rice)

10- What is OTP in credit card transaction ? (One Time Password)

11- E-banking is a synonym of ? (Internet Banking)

12- Planning is a ________ process ? (Goal Oriented, Flexible and Time Bound)

13- When a company taken over on another company and clearly become new owner then the process is known as ? (Acquisition)

14- Relaxing the restrictions and controls imposed on business and industry means ? (Liberalization)

15- Which card allows the shopping without instant cash payment ? (Credit card)

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Underwater Data Center of Microsoft Pulled Out

Underwater data center of Microsoft pulled out in 2020. Microsoft drag out its second merged data server in Scotland Sea.

Project Natick 117 feet data server put by tech team in 2018. Microsoft believes that this is the method of things to come. The pipeline placed with sustainable fuel source and cooling frameworks.

Project Natick is the second data server of Microsoft (MSFT). So, first project of submerged data server is in California. And it was submerged in the bottom of Pacific coast in 2016 august-November. Underwater data center of Microsoft therefore pulled out from sea in Scotland.

We were interesting to know that really how much project Natick was clean. A team member named Spencer Fowers stated this statement in the meeting.

The deployment and retrieval of the server farm each took a day and as per a Microsoft official statement.

So, Microsoft plans to present Office 365 server farms in many countries. Like South Africa (Johannesburg and Cape Town), Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates (Dubai and Abu Dhabi) and Norway in 2018-19 time frame.  The design was used to supplant the committed German sovereign server farm.

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Nature is Blessing For US

The land on this earth which is like heaven. And no other land like that land is of LADAKH. This land is situated between two world’s highest mountains. One is of KARAKORAM and second is of Himalaya’s. KARGIL has its own charm and legacy. Due to this reason it is the most beautiful spot. It is on the height of “2704” meters above the level of ocean. It is surrounded by the beautiful Himalayan mountains. The APRICOT’s orchard increase the beauty of this spot. Hence overall charisma of this valley increased. Tourists around the globe visit this charming beauty of nature. So they explore the blessing of nature. Geography of this area make this spot so perfect. Tourists experience stream boating, mountain climbing, hiking.

Kargil Hills
Beauty of God’s blessing Kargil hills


Buddhist religion Mulbekh is located 45km east side of KARGIL. In this community a 9 meter stone figure of Maitreya Buddha. The monument of this Buddha has 4 arms and a hood. This religious community has the complete hold on this valley. When Buddhism initially came here inside the closer. So anyone can see frescoes, sculptures and age old relics which shows the early stage life style.


An astonishing characteristic mountain post. This spot is situated in a green round valley with a devout foundation at its middle by which it is not being well known around the world. This is a celebrated strict spot of Buddhist where high position Buddhist holy people perform repentance in disconnection.

KARGIL TOUR is normally a priority and most favored visit of  LADAKH TOUR located in KARGIL’s interesting areas which has large amounts of picturesque magnificence. Any person who visit this magnificent beauty of nature appreciate the blessing of nature.


Covid-19 Global Pandemic Effects On Life

We are living in a certain time frame of this era. No body ever thinks that due to this covid-19 global pandemic, every body around the globe will suffer and even loose their jobs, lives and domestic life’s both. Furthermore, now we need to put a mask on our faces. And this is our new fact which we can’t deny this global pandemic. But after this pandemic if it gets a bit down did we imagine what would be happen at that time.

Most of businesses are now a days being dealt over the cellular activity and that is the thing which even explaining the fact that Corona after effects are still present. And also before this global covid-19 pandemic many people were saying that they don’t have any time to go out to do certain things and tasks. And hence now we are staying and having a lot of time to do the tasks which before this virus we were claiming that we don’t have time. This time if we see we can assume it as a blessing as well as we have time to focus on our-self and need to work for own-self.

As i was considering our new reality and my fellow queens, i puzzled how many of us are using this time to do some of the matters we placed on the back burner. Those matters might be as easy as portray, drawing, gardening, grownup coloring. I’m aware that that is a difficult time for all of us.

However, how can you pop out of it? What’s going to be unique and what is impact of global covid-19 pandemic effect. I have heard some human beings say that it is okay to do truly nothing. I accept as true with that to the volume which you need to really have your ‘me’ time. You need to be compassionate with yourself in times like these for certain.

That is difficult for every person. However, i don’t agree for a person to do sincerely not anything at all everyday throughout these times for the following 12 months or possibly even two years as the sector attempts to move forward. I’ve had days where i wasn’t as encouraged and simply comfy at the sofa. Sure, i’m human too similar to you. However i additionally understand that my goals and desires want me. So irrespective of what is going on, i’m going to have to drag myself collectively.

Even earlier than COVID-19, ladies have always positioned their wishes final on the listing. Girls have constantly achieved loads for others earlier than thinking about themselves. It’s how girls have been conditioned via society to be; givers, caretakers, nurturers with a mindset that everybody comes earlier than you. That final component is not true. Each person does not come before you. No marvel so many girls are unfulfilled, unhappy, in the wrong relationships, settling and so on. So now that we’ve got been compelled to stay at home, this has opened up a whole lot of ‘time’ for some of us, truth be informed.

We can choose to do the identical element and preserve to get the same effects or we are able to choose to do some thing different. What’s going to be your post corona story? I advocate you use this time to get lower back to yourself girls. Prioritize your want and desires in the course of this time. Placed yourself first. Take step one. Your goals be counted, your goals be counted, your happiness topics, you depend. This international could no longer be the equal with out girls. Consequently, the sector would no longer be the same without you.


Do you realize what you want? Hopefully you have this time to mirror for your real dreams. I even advise you write it down. Most effective 5% of society have their dreams written on paper.. Are you satisfied to your life? If not, what does happiness appear to be for you? What are your career desires, and what is impact of  covid-19 global pandemic. Do you have the connection that you’ve expected? Whatever it’s miles that you want, you deserve. It’s difficult for God even if you aren’t clean on what you want and coast through lifestyles aimlessly. Think about a GPS machine. You have to realize where you need to combat with this global covid-19 in your life.


We all make excuses. We will make excuse for this global pandemic covid-19 if we did not combat this. I’ve made them too. This is not approximately perfection. However, at some point, you simply have to be honest and actual with your self. Inside the e-book 6 months to six figures by means of Peter Voogd. He states that “one among the biggest ways to build your vanity is to do what you are saying you are going to do.

Each time you assert you are going to do some thing and do not do it. impact of covid-19 global pandemic. Your-self assurance decreases.” How terrible do you want change? I have heard humans say that they’re busy. “i’m in order that busy”. Okay. Well what are the tangible effects from all that busyness?

If you’re busy looking soap operas all day or playing video games. While you say that you need to start your commercial enterprise. For example, it truly is now not similar to being efficient. Pronouncing you are busy sounds true. It could make you feel desirable to mention it. However in reality, when you’re not honestly engaging in whatever. And have nothing to expose for it, ‘being busy’ is just an excuse. You can have excuses or you could have consequences to tackle this global pandemic.

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