Era of Success for Pakistan- A series of Success

In the era of success for Pakistan it has been heard that the rulers of Saudi Arabia were active in expelling Pakistani workers. Saudi Arabia was also active in withdrawing its 3 billion dollars which Pakistan almost returned. Era of Success for Pakistan, a series of Success for Pakistan it is going to be. At […]

Digital marketing and its importance

  Digital marketing is way for marketing. Its all about marketing products and services with the help of technology, over the internet. Furthermore, it includes managing different forms of online companies presence. For example, company websites, mobile apps and social media pages. As we know that, modern generation doesn’t want to go to any shop […]

Benefits of Exercise On Mental Health

Exercise is not just about consuming oxygen limit and muscle size. Indeed, exercise can improve your actual wellbeing and your physical makeup, trim your waistline, improve your sexual coexistence. There are many benefits of exercise on mental health. Along with that it also add more time to your life. Yet, that is not what persuades […]

OTS past solved paper OG-3 Officer 2018 (ZTBL) Part-2

OTS past solved paper OG-3 Officer 2018 (ZTBL) part-2 16- Which is not a method of privatization ? (Sales of business) 17- Banking ombudsman may reject the complaint ? )At any stage) 18- Which is not a restrictive trade practice ? (Manipulation of price) 19- The most important reason for an investor for bank deposit […]

Past Paper OG-3 Officer (ZTBL) Solved

  OTS past solved paper OG-3 Officer 2018 (ZTBL) 1- Which is the main source of agriculture credit ?  (ZTBL) 2- Olericulture is the study leading with ? (Vegetables Production) 3- Afforestation means ? (To convert land into forest) 4- Contribution of agriculture in GDP ? (25.6%) 5- Agriculture Extension related to ? (Educating the […]

Underwater Data Center of Microsoft Pulled Out

Underwater data center of Microsoft pulled out in 2020. Microsoft drag out its second merged data server in Scotland Sea. Project Natick 117 feet data server put by tech team in 2018. Microsoft believes that this is the method of things to come. The pipeline placed with sustainable fuel source and cooling frameworks. Project Natick […]

This is my first post

Welcome to my website, my name is Muhammad Aamir and i am professional in following categories: 1- SEO on-page2- Technical SEO3- Content Writing4- Schema Markup5- Article Writing6- Translation of Languages7- Help out to rank up your website8- Put internal link and external links9- YOAST SEO10- Add images with your content11- Will attach your blogs, articles […]