Digital marketing and its importance

Digital marketing and its importance


Digital marketing is way for marketing. Its all about marketing products and services with the help of technology, over the internet. Furthermore, it includes managing different forms of online companies presence. For example, company websites, mobile apps and social media pages. As we know that, modern generation doesn’t want to go to any shop to buy anything. Digital marketing and its importance can be seen that people want to buy everything online. Meanwhile, various companies always try to stay connected with their customers with the help of internet.

“Digital marketing is the name of achieving marketing objectives”

There are different types of digital marketing such as,

  1. SEM( Search Engine Marketing)
  2. SEO(Search Engine Optimization)
  3. SMM( Social Media Marketing)
  4. PCC(Pay-Per-Click)
  5. Content marketing
  6. Email marketing
  7. Radio advertising
  8. Viral marketing
  9. Television advertising
  10. Mobile advertising

Marketing today is about many types of audience interaction than websites or emails. It involves managing 5d’s of digital marketing which defines the opportunities for consumers to interact with different businesses to reach and learn from the people in different ways. These 5d’s are as follow;


  • Devices
  • Platforms
  • Media
  • Technology
  • Data

Importance of digital marketing

As we know that digital marketing is offering huge gain of benefits. In this paragraph, we will get to know its importance. It is a way of direct communication and interaction with people than webs or mails. Its a good way of promotion of businesses now a days. The importance of digital marketing is that you can track your campaigns. As you invest a lot of time and money over this. Digital marketing makes it easy to track the campaign to adopt better results. On the other hand, it is the leading way to foster a business and will remain as the most powerful way of marketing in the future. Moreover, it is the most rapidly growing and  evolving career.

                         Advantages of digital  marketing

  • Digital  marketing can save you a lot of money.
  •  Increases brand awareness and reach your target customers.
  • Enables real time customs services.
  • Provides significant analysis of customer’s behavior and engagement .
  • It is more engaging and cost effective, wider in reach, targeted and easy to measure and adjust .
  • personalization.
  • open new markets.
  • social currency.
  • Maintenance cost because of constantly evolving environment.
  • conversion rates.
  • measurable results.
  • global reaching.

Disadvantages of digital marketing

  • One of its advantage is this,  its time consuming.
  • There is a high competition in this marketing.
  • There could be some privacy and security issues.
  • Dependability on technology.
  • Work overload.
  • Overreliance on gadgets.
  • Change of rules.
  • Lack of  trust.
  • DM manipulation.
  • Risk of hacking strategies.
  • Limitations of internet access.
  • Limited product advertisement.

Digital marketing is a dream business project for digital marketers. if u want to get success in the digital marketplace, you should have sound knowledge about its benefits and limitation.  it is a growing field of business. Digital marketing is nothing, yet utilization of technology. It require certain skills. If  u have the knowledge regarding this, do not neglect the opportunity which digital marketing offers to you. It may fulfill all your cherished dreams within  the short span of your life, and a platform where anybody can make his/her career without much effort. You just need to keep patience to get your desired goals.
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