Era of Success for Pakistan- A series of Success

Era of Success for Pakistan- A series of Success

In the era of success for Pakistan it has been heard that the rulers of Saudi Arabia were active in expelling Pakistani workers. Saudi Arabia was also active in withdrawing its 3 billion dollars which Pakistan almost returned. Era of Success for Pakistan, a series of Success for Pakistan it is going to be. At that time Saudi ruler Muhammad Bin Salman had good relations with former US President Trumps as well as with India and Israel.

For the first time  in  the history, an Indian army chief visited Saudi Arabia on December 14-13,2020. All this Pakistan at the same time, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu had a secret meeting with Saudi Prince Mohammad Bin Salman. The United States and Saudi Arabia also signed multibillion-dollar defense deals. Ever since Imran khan’s government in Pakistan, Pakistan also wanted to assemble a meeting of foreign ministers of OIC member. So, that address a joint statement on Kashmir. Due to India and Israel,  Saudi Arabia did not conduct a single meeting.

Muhammad Bin Salman made many blunders and allegations. During his visit to the government and one of these was Jamal Khushdagi. Muhammad Bin Salman says that he was a prominent Saudi Journalist and columnist. when he went to Saudi  embassy to prepare his papers, he was assassinated in Turkey at the age of 59 due to differences with him on October 2, 2018. At that time the case was dropped because of the good relations between Trump and Muhammad Bin Salman. Jamal Khashoggi also had American citizenship and wanted to marry an American woman.

When the Biden administration came to the United States, it  reopened the case of Jamal Khushdagi and put Muhammad Bin Salman in trouble. They allowed the assassination’s but, Muhammad Bin Salman called that Biden’s report a lie. Billions of dollars worth of agreements between Saudi Arabia and the united states are in danger.ZTBL preparation

Once again, Saudi Arabia began to look to Pakistan. Era of Success for Pakistan is A series of Success going to be for this country. Pakistan has also made a statement on the issue of Jamal Khushdagi, that the Saudi government not only investigated the criminals but also punished them.

At the same time, Saudi Arabia has fulfilled all the requirements of justice. He also said that Pakistan expresses solidarity with Saudi Arabia in this regard. Now Saudi Arabia wants Pakistan to include in the block of China and Russia. There are Arab countries who want to come back to Pakistan and Insha’Allah Pakistan will decide their future with success. Pakistan will soon join the developed countries.

Long Live Pakistan -Long Live the Pak-Army.

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