Past Paper OG-3 Officer (ZTBL) Solved


OTS past solved paper OG-3 Officer 2018 (ZTBL)

1- Which is the main source of agriculture credit ?  (ZTBL)

2- Olericulture is the study leading with ? (Vegetables Production)

3- Afforestation means ? (To convert land into forest)

4- Contribution of agriculture in GDP ? (25.6%)

5- Agriculture Extension related to ? (Educating the farmers)

6- Banana fruit classified in the category of ? (Berry)

7- Which type of credit is advanced in agriculture sector ? (Semi-agricultural credit)

8- Older the rice ? (Worse in the price)

9- Super Basmati is a type of ? (Rice)

10- What is OTP in credit card transaction ? (One Time Password)

11- E-banking is a synonym of ? (Internet Banking)

12- Planning is a ________ process ? (Goal Oriented, Flexible and Time Bound)

13- When a company taken over on another company and clearly become new owner then the process is known as ? (Acquisition)

14- Relaxing the restrictions and controls imposed on business and industry means ? (Liberalization)

15- Which card allows the shopping without instant cash payment ? (Credit card)

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