OTS past solved paper OG-3 Officer 2018 (ZTBL) Part-2

OTS past solved paper OG-3 Officer 2018 (ZTBL) part-2

cairo capital of egypt
Capital of Egypt (Cairo)

16- Which is not a method of privatization ? (Sales of business)

17- Banking ombudsman may reject the complaint ? )At any stage)

18- Which is not a restrictive trade practice ? (Manipulation of price)

19- The most important reason for an investor for bank deposit is ? (Credit worthiness of bank)

20- Which is not an instrument to control credit system in banks ? (Tax ratio)

21- Commercial banks can not perform one function ? (Issuance of currency notes)

22- Company images and brand equity is a factor affecting business ? (Externally)

23- What is meant by retail banking ? (Providing personal banking services directly to the customers)

24- ______ is an economic system based on the principal of free enterprise ? (Capitalism)

25- Which needs comes last in Maslow’s need hierarchy ? (Self-actualization)

26- Maturity period of treasury bill is ? (91 or 361 days)

27- Which one is not marketable security ? (Bank deposit)

28- Cairo is a capital of which country ? (Egypt)

29- APNS stands for ? (All Pakistan newspaper society)

30- Largest city of Turkey ? (Istanbul)

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