Remember 17 Days Of Pride- 6 September 1965

Remember 17 Days Of Pride- 6 September 1965

6 September is celebrated as national day of Pakistan’s for it’s successful defence against enemy India which initiated this war in 1965. Without any formal notice cross the border of Pakistan at night time 3:00 am by Indian army on 6 september 1965. Remember these 17 Days Of Pride of 6 September 1965 to 23 September 1965. Indian army on 6 September 1965 crossed West Pakistan’s borders of Sialkot, Lahore and Rajasthan. On Punjab lands there was battle of tanks.

This war raised concerns of super powers of the world at that time. So called democracy in the world violated the international laws of united nations charter and civilization. India also putted the commitments with the international world aside and started war. As a result they faced heavy losses and beaten back from Pakistan army. PAF was beating the Indian via air strikes while Pakistan army was cleaning the Indian army on the grounds and rolled them back.

Defence day



After 6 September again on 8 September indian armored and air force tried to attack on Sialkot on 8 September 1965. This war as continues till 17 days showed the greatest tanks war after the world war 2. Remember these 17 Days Of Pride of 6 September 1965 to 23 September 1965. As a result thousands of causalities happens on both sides. Pakistan was a 4th time less smaller country against its enemy and rolled back its larger enemy with full devotion. Young blood , elders, children’s, hospitals, nurses, men and women all were ready to get martyred for its mother land. Songs of war by Madam Noor Jahan to boost blood of its soldiers.

How this war ended? The USA stopped the supplies to both countries. United states and Soviet Union made a collective stand to ceasefire the war in sub-continent. And this end of war took place on 23 September 1965.

In Tashkent after end of war between two countries Soviet Union played the role of broker. So, the war was ended with the effort of USSR and also a peace agreement was signed.

Each year on 6 September we as a Pakistani nation pay tribute to our brave soldier who martyred in 1965 war and folded back to enemy.

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