Underwater Data Center of Microsoft Pulled Out

Underwater Data Center of Microsoft Pulled Out

Underwater data center of Microsoft pulled out in 2020. Microsoft drag out its second merged data server in Scotland Sea.

Project Natick 117 feet data server put by tech team in 2018. Microsoft believes that this is the method of things to come. The pipeline placed with sustainable fuel source and cooling frameworks.

Project Natick is the second data server of Microsoft (MSFT). So, first project of submerged data server is in California. And it was submerged in the bottom of Pacific coast in 2016 august-November. Underwater data center of Microsoft therefore pulled out from sea in Scotland.

We were interesting to know that really how much project Natick was clean. A team member named Spencer Fowers stated this statement in the meeting.

The deployment and retrieval of the server farm each took a day and as per a Microsoft official statement.

So, Microsoft plans to present Office 365 server farms in many countries. Like South Africa (Johannesburg and Cape Town), Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates (Dubai and Abu Dhabi) and Norway in 2018-19 time frame.  The design was used to supplant the committed German sovereign server farm.

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